Inigo reveals Rayo is trying his best against Barca.

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Inigo Perez hopes Rayo Vallecano matchup with Barcelona will be as close as possible in Sunday’s encounter.

Rayo Vallecano coach Inigo Perez revealed ahead of the away game against Barcelona on Sunday’s Liga stage that he will try to make the encounter with the Azulgrana as close as possible. can Even though they are well aware of their opponent’s offensive potential. According to a report from UFABET last Saturday. 

‘Barcelona’s offensive potential is well known by everyone. They dominate you and make you pay attention,’ says the 36-year-old trainer. ‘On the other hand, When they open themselves up too much and want to possess you It’s hard to cover transitions and play defense.’

‘If there are a lot of goals scored we will lose, we will try to make it a close game.’

Inigo also praised Xavi Hernandez as a reference point for anyone who has ever played in midfield. Ready to praise the 44-year-old former midfielder’s work as a trainer as well.

‘I expect a normal Barcelona at home. Xavi as a player is a reference for everyone. Especially those of us who play in the middle of the field. and as a coach I can see the tactical difference with the modern structure. There was a transfer of what he had been as a player to being a coach. And he also knows how to convey that to the players.’