De La Fuente praises Yamal as a special player.

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Barcelona boss Luis de la Fuente praises Barcelona’s teenage forward Lamine Yamal as a special player who is different from others.

Spain national team coach Luis de la Fuente is set to announce the names of the Bulls squad for Euro 2024 in the next 10 days. Promotion ufabet It is expected that many players from Barcelona will be called up. And one of them is Lamine Yamal, a 16-year-old forward who has been praised by the Bulls’ boss, according to a report from ‘UFABET’ last Saturday.

‘There are special players like him who, at 16, are something different. And you know they’re ready for things that other people aren’t ready for until they’re 23 or 24, if they’re playing in the European Championships. It will be because he is prepared. And because he has the special abilities of the chosen one.’ 

‘He needs help because he is going through a difficult time. Because those who admire him will be the first to criticize him. And experts know he will have obstacles to overcome. When he was in the training stage You have to be careful, careful, but at the same time demanding because there isn’t much potential. We have to demand from them according to their maturity,’ said the Bulls coach.

De la Fuente also addressed the situation of Barcelona midfielder Pedro Gonzalez López Pedri, 21, who has returned to full fitness in recent weeks. After facing frequent injury problems this season 

‘He can appear at any time. Because he is very talented and he is a great player. I know him very well. I’ve been one of his supporters since he was very young. I know exactly what Pedri can give me at any time. And he knew what I would require of him. He will always be accepted by me. And I’m sure he will always be on a good level with me.’

The Bulls boss also spoke about Pablo Martin, Paz, Cabira, Gabi, while the 19-year-old Barcelona midfielder is currently recovering from a serious injury sustained while playing with the team. The Spanish nation in November last year

‘He’s a unique player. Very important for Barcelona and the national team in every aspect. At the football level, we will not search for answers. But maybe people don’t know that on a human level. He was almost more important. He is a player who is loved by all his teammates. And he gave us so much life. It will be a very important loss because of everything he built on it.’

De la Fuente also offered a vague answer on the possibility of Firmin López, the 21-year-old midfielder who has impressed with Barcelona, ​​being called up to the Spanish national team. Euro 2024 or not?

‘In football there are doors that naturally open and close. We follow every player. And most of them are on some list. We take everything seriously and we find the players that best suit our needs. Whether they are with us or not. That won’t be an inconvenience.’