“Pep Guardiola”, the JK team, the issue of “Todd”

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has agreed with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp over the idea of ​​Chelsea owner Todd Bohly. Wanting to organize a game of all-stars in the Premier League.

, Bohly took over the co-ownership of Chelsea less than four months ago at a panel discussion in New York. He has come out with ideas for English football.

One of them is to generate more money for the industry by hosting an All-Star Game like in American sports. or a sub-tournament for teams to escape relegation at the bottom of the table

The All-Star issue has been raised over the past few days. It is difficult for various managers to be questioned by reporters. which Guardiola answer this “I have no opinion.” The UFABET report

However, after being asked several times, The Spanish coach added that “I agree with Jurgen. So if they could tell us what day the game was played, that would be nice.”

Klopp was among the first to be asked the question, when he replied midweek: “Fine, if he can find a match date then give me a call. He forgets that in all major sports in America there is a four-month break of the season so they are ready to arrange something more at the break but with football it is completely different.”

“I am still surprised by this question. So don’t pay too much attention to my answer. But maybe he can come and explain to me when the time is right.”