‘Pep Guardiola’ praises ‘Akanyi’ more than excellent

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Pep Guardiola has hailed Manuel Akanyi’s brilliant performance in his Premier League debut as Manchester City beat Wolves 3-0

. At the Etihad Stadium, since joining from Borussia Dortmund in the summer, the

27-year-old was given the opportunity to make his Premier League debut in The game against Wolves first produced impressive results and led the team to keep clean sheets.

“More than excellent, won all the balls with the moment of being attacked, perfectly read the game whether short or long, very smart and when he had to hit, hit but he didn’t. He hit hard until he lost a penalty or a foul,” Guardiola said

. But he knew the timing of the game very well, we felt he understood from day one.”

The Catalan coach also praised John Stones for coming at full-back and continuing on from the midweek game:

“John was also doing great at full-back, happy. That he can play two games in a row, we need him. “It’s very good for us, going to an away game at noon after the Champions League is always dangerous. The pitch was dry, we played with a little slow pace. The UFABET report

” , Second shot quite fast too, red card but the second half is dangerous because they can do better than us. After we scored the third goal, the game was over after that.”