Online Blackjack Formulas for Beginners

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The blackjack formula that we UFABET will introduce. Today is considered a basic strategy for playing that can be used and adapted to suit each person’s play. And guarantee that Can play for real money, of course. Which are presented in the form of 3 different formula tables: Hard Card, Soft Card and Split Card. It is the card point that the player may receive. And the numbers in the table at the top represent 1 open dealer card.

Hard Card Total card points in case there is no A card.

  • If the player has a total of 17 or more cards, then always stand.
  • If the Player has a total of 16 or lower and the Dealer’s 1 card opened is greater, such as 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 and A, draw an additional card. in order to get a higher score than the dealer’s open card
  • will use double down Only when the two player cards combine to get 11, press Double.

Soft Card 1 of 2 cards, the player’s side has an A.

  • Stand every time you have a high total.
  • If the player’s card doesn’t reach a total of 18, 19 or 20 and the dealer’s card is less than 3-7, you can choose Double to win the dealer over.
  • Choose the right hit or stand because you won’t be afraid to bust.

Pair Card or equal

Splitting the cards is considered a good way to make money from the game of blackjack. In the event that players can split their cards to win, they are as follows.

  • AA when this pair is found, split immediately. but will only get one more card Win for a total of 21
  • Split cards when their value is greater than the dealer’s open card.
  • If the Player’s pair is less than the Banker and the cards are not very high can be separated immediately
  • Do not split cards with a value of 10 in any case, because 20 is considered a high card. And players have a chance of winning over 90%, so no matter how bad the dealer’s cards are, they shouldn’t be split.