Haaland insists he’s still as hungry as ever.

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Erling Haaland insists he still has the same hunger. Even though they just had their most successful football season yet. After scoring a hat-trick to help Manchester City beat Fulham 5-1.

“It started off a little careless. But we ended it well. It’s an important victory. We went into the international break having won four out of four games. It was a good start to the season.”

“Every year the club is like this. UFABET We started off a little slow. And a little careless because we had to play until the last game. (of every season) because we are the best club It’s like this. We will only get better from here.”

When asked about his hat-trick against Fulham, Haaland said: “I’m back. Not a problem for me I’m always thirsty It’s a new season and I’m ready for him.”

When asked if the team needs Pep Guardiola as they are performing well without the Spaniard on the sidelines. The Norwegian striker replied: “It’s a good question. I think he misses us. Sometimes we miss him too. So we are looking forward to having him back.”

Meanwhile Foden and Alvarez came off for youngsters Rico Lewis and Oscar Bobb.

Haaland was not done however, he got his hat-trick when he scored a third in additional time.

Full-time: Manchester City 5 – 1 Fulham.