‘Grealish’ admits he should shoot + assist more

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Manchester City star Jack Grealish admits his criticism is appropriate. And he should have scored more goals and assisted more.

The 27-year-old took less than a minute to score to lead Manchester City ahead of Wolves before winning the title. Premier League champions

Pep Guardiola spoke in defense of Grealish on Friday about his number of goals scored, with the former Aston Villa star scoring just six goals and providing four assists. The cyst in 38 games he played in his first season following his £100m move:

“That’s right, I should have scored more, should have assisted more. The only thing I can do is score goals and provide assists,” Grealish replied after being asked about the criticism lately.

“I will always meet people talking about my cost. But I think if looking back over the course of my career I didn’t shoot as many players as some players. Even at Villa, I’ve only scored 14-15 goals in two seasons in the Premier League

. And I hope to do it by playing for this team and in front of these fans.” The UFABET report

Asked about the excellence of Kevin De Bruyne’s assist, he replied: “Perfect. Well, I’m always teasing Cave about assists for me, saying ‘you should be the best assist in the world’.

” Guardiola, he admits he was lucky to start after a poor performance against Borussia Dortmund in midweek

. That’s good. he is very good to me I should thank him because he gave me the opportunity today. After my form fell in the game on Wednesday. I hope I can repay him.”