Frankfurt interested in signing Modest as Muani’s replacement.

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Former Borussia Dortmund striker Anthony Modest has a chance to sign with Eintracht Frankfurt. After the Red-Black Eagles lost Randal Golo Muani without a replacement football.

Eintracht Frankfurt Interested in signing Anthony Modest to bring in a 35-year-old free agent striker as a replacement for Rondal Golo Muani, who moved to play with Paris Saint-Germain one day. The last of the summer market, according to a report from Foot Mercato last Saturday UFABET.

Muani’s delayed transfer leaves Eintracht Frankfurt There isn’t enough time to find a replacement for the 24-year-old striker, but the Eagles still have a solution by looking for unaffiliated players and one of them is Modest, a 35-year-old forward who is still a Free A. current gent

Borussia Dortmund brought Modest from Cologne last summer for €5m to replace Sebastien Haller. Receiving treatment for testicular cancer Before the player ends his contract with the Yellow Tigers this summer. 

Modest also has a wealth of experience on the Bundesliga stage playing with Hoffenheim. Cologne and Borussia Dortmund. All competitions, 28 games, scored 2 goals and 1 assist last season. And it should be a contract to solve the problems of the Red-Black Eagles. Before finding a new striker to strengthen the team in January.