Conte Joke told ‘Son’ to sit on the bench again

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Tottenham boss Antonio Conte is happy to see Son Heung-min score again. Pretend to poke the spearhead of an important person. will be held to reserve another seat If you go down and create a work that is as magnificent as this After the Golden Spurs game defeated Leicester City in the second half 6-2

“I think it’s important to understand that. When you have to play a lot of games in a row when your body is tired Your mental state can be exhausted as well. You can’t play every game. But I used to be a player I know you want to play every game that matters. “Playing in the Champions League and the Premier League is an important game, they are starting to understand the rotation of teams,” said Conte

. means that for a moment I can change the game Like today’s defensive rotation and when Bissouma comes on the pitch he makes us stronger and more energy.”

“I think this is the right path for us, 12 games in a row after the national break. and all players must participate.”

“If the players are smart, Being a good player, a good person, it depends on these things. Every decision I make It’s always the best for the team. They have to understand this.”

“Sometimes they have to start from the bench. Waiting to change to play is important. Because in the next game you may be playing as a real player. and at the same time You will rest and recharge both your body and mind.” The UFABET report

“Today I am very happy with Sonny. Do you know what I think of this player? I said to him if you score three goals in 30 minutes maybe we can try to repeat this. But I’m joking

. There are very good players. We started thinking about it in a different way. for the next step”

“When I decided to put Bissouma on the pitch, playing with three midfields, moved Sonny closer to Kane. To take advantage of the space, that’s great. It makes us more balanced. And we can take full advantage of Ken and Son.”