Carrasco missed practice after preparing to move to Saudi Arabia.

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Atletico Madrid players practice ahead of the football game against Sevilla on Sunday’s Liga stage without Yannick Carrasco. Who is preparing to move to Saudi Arabia to play.

Yannick Carrasco was not involved in Atletico Madrid’s latest training session as they prepare to host Sevilla on the Liga stage on Sunday. Because the Belgian midfielder is preparing to move to play with Saudi Arabian club Al-Shabaab. According to a report from Marca last Saturday. 

Carrasco was not involved in training at Cerro del Espino due to the player’s upcoming move to Saudi Arabia. While Memphis Depay, Jorge Resur Rexion Koke, Jose Maria Jimenez and Reinildo Mandava also did not train. Due to being in the process of recovering from an injury, Saul Niguez has recovered from a slight back injury and returned to practice as usual  UFABET 

‘I really love Yannick (Carrasco) as a person. He always gives his best for what the team needs. And I’m grateful. He felt the need to leave. Although it is not official And if it’s true. We will meet in Riyadh for coffee together. Because I care about him.’ Diego Simeone said about the Belgian footballer. 

Even though Atletico Madrid are about to lose Carrasco. The Argentinian coach is not worried about that. Because he has enough replacements including Javier Galan, Samuel Lino and Rodrygo. Riquelme. While Reinildo, who had a torn ACL and had to rest for a long time, is close to recovering.

‘Reinildo will rejoin the group soon.’ Simeone said.