Brendan Rodgers admits he is facing heavy pressure

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Brendan Rodgers admits his position at Leicester City is under intense pressure. But no matter what happens, he will always respect the club.

Rodgers led the “Siamese Foxes” army to defeat the “Golden Spikes Chicken” overwhelmingly 6-2, making his team still unable to find a win in the Premier League game. Lost 6 games in a row with only 1 point, sinking to the bottom of the table

after the game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Northern Irish boss In an interview with UFABET reporters , he was asked if he felt the pressure.

“I’m under a lot of pressure, I come to the club every day and understand the frustration of the fans, I can’t avoid these because that’s my responsibility,” the 49-year-old replied.

“I understand football. And no matter what, I will always have great respect for the owners, because they have given me great support,

no matter what happens with my work at Leicester, whatever. I will stay or go, I will always respect them.

‘ And went into the dressing room with a score of 2-2, but later became the home side, scored 4 goals in a row, causing them to be defeated.

“Today’s score doesn’t represent the real game. But in the end it was a decisive defeat,” Rodgers said of the overall game. 

From the chances we created, in the end we were punished for many mistakes.”

“Before the game I ask my players to play with courage. And they did that, we conceded quickly early in the second half and Lloris saved our 3-3 equalizer brilliantly

. Then the game counterattacked, the score was 4-2, and the game opened. And then it was all about maintaining the game and the score

. And left the centre-back alone, the score turned out to be worse than the picture of the game that happened

. Played well, created chances, Lloris made some nice saves for us,

but we need to do better in the crucial moments of the game.