‘Allegri’ tells the news that she will be fired. It’s funny.

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Juventus boss Max Allegri says the news about him being sacked is “funny”. Ready to show confidence that the situation can be reversed.

“Zebra” is in bad form. They are unbeaten in four games in all competitions and sink in eighth in Serie A, prompting growing calls for Allegri to sack Allegri.

Unlike our preceding Serie A games, there was no period of dominance in the first half hour. Or beyond. In fact it was Inter who set out their stall early doors to attack, to truly take the game to Juve. Which they managed well enough during the opening 45 minutes. Which were tight, barely anything to choose between the sides.

Allegri is scheduled to visit Monza on Sunday. this And during an interview before the game, he was asked how he felt about the demand. The UFABET report

“I’m delighted to talk about sacking Allegri again, I miss it so much. Because these things make me laugh,” Allegri replied,

“I still feel confident in what we do. “

It’s natural for me and the staff to be judged based on performance, but I’ve never had all the players available. And now the team is doing a good job. under the conditions we encountered.”

“In football, if you win you’re a hero. But if losing is another story.”

“We have to keep working hard. Because we can always improve and against Monza we needed three points.”