Garlic, a herb with a pungent smell, but excellent for heart nourishment

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Garlic helps nourish the heart

believe that among readers There are probably people who like to eat garlic. and don’t like garlic This medicinal plant has many studies that prove that. Garlic helps nourish the heart, nourish health, resist disease. Let’s see the details.

about garlic

In a small clove of garlics is packed with a lot of nutrients. But the key to getting the nutrients in garlic to work is to chop, cut, squeeze or chew to break up the oils in the garlics. This will cause the various chemicals in the garlics to react. Allinase converts allin to allicin, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Ajoin was also found, which was extracted. First researched in 1987, this substance gives garlics a strong flavor and aroma. Ajoin is formed after allicin is dissolved in vegetable oil. and have information that This substance helps to heal patients with leukemia. Another substance found in garlics, Germanium, is responsible for increasing oxygen in the cells. Stimulate the body to create anti-cancer substances and increase the function of white blood cells.

how to eat

How to eat garlics for the health benefits There are both edibles in fresh form and extracted oil. Book: The Miracle Benefits of Garlic, Amarin Health Publishing House. Suggest how to eat garlics that

Reduce Cholesterol : Eat 1 – 2 heads of fresh garlics per day for 5 – 10 days.
Cure cold : You can do this by mincing 1 clove of garlics and put it in a glass. Pour almost full hot water, cover and leave for 5 minutes. Add a little honey. Drink 2 glasses a day for 3 days
. Garlic strengthens the blood vessels. It is recommended to eat at least one clove a day, mixed with honey or yogurt to reduce the pungent odor.

Who has never used coconut oil and garlic for health care, try it because they are easy to find ingredients. close to you, which will definitely help you to be strong, in shape and young

Source: Health tips column UFABET