Chronic constipation Leaving it for a long time is dangerous.

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Chronic constipation Leaving it for a long time is dangerous.

Constipation is difficulty passing bowel movements. It takes a lot of force to push. The stool will be dry and hard. Generally, bowel movements less than 3 times per week are considered abnormal. People who only bowel once in a while show that the stool has stuck in the intestines for a long time, often being hard, dry, and smelling bad.

Problems with excretion are not something ashame of. But it is an important issue that affects various organs in the body and may be a warning sign of dangerous diseases like colon cancer. If neglected and ignored, it can become a chronic problem. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

What causes constipation?

  1. Eat foods that are low in fiber.  Normally, people should eat foods that contain about 20-25 grams of fiber/day. However, because today’s foods are prepared to contain very little fiber. Most people eat white rice. Don’t eat brown rice.
  2. Stress:  Due to the changing environment and society, it causes more stress. It causes the system of eating, sleeping, and excretion to fluctuate as well.
  3. Frequent incontinence of stool If you want to have good health You should eat meals on time. Most people usually have a bowel movement in the morning. After the body has fully slept and rested. But because of the rush of going to work, they tend to hold back their stool. When you do it often, the feeling of wanting to defecate will disappear. Pregnancy symptoms will take their place. and the mechanism of excretion will be abnormal
  4. Not exercising When the body has less energy The digestive and excretory systems do not work well. Because our intestines move according to the body’s movements. Whoever walks a lot and is not still, the intestines will move accordingly, causing the stomach to not be constipated. As opposed to people who sit and lie down or move a little. The intestines will be still and not moving. Can result in constipation.
  5. Take laxatives regularly Laxatives are divided into 2 types.
  • Types that cause irritation to the large intestine Causes mucus to come out to lubricate the rectal wall. causing the stool to move through
  • Types that cause colon contractions to move the stool lumps In the initial stages of taking laxatives, they may be effective, but over time the intestines are stimulated regularly. This causes habituation and resistance, requiring larger amounts of medication and may not be effective.
  1. Other causes
  • Tea and coffee can cause constipation.
  • Stomach coating medicine Aluminum hydroxide compound
  • Eating too much calcium
  • Cough medicine, especially one that contains cotinine

Chronic constipation is more dangerous than you think.

When constipation occurs frequently Causes fecal matter to remain until it becomes dry and hard. Until when the stool requires a lot of straining, it is difficult to pass and the stool rubs against the intestinal wall. Including the anus causing blood in the stool and wounds around it. anus, which is the cause of hemorrhoids Additionally, chronic constipation can cause inflammatory bowel disease. Ulcerated colon And it’s more serious than that. May cause colon cancer.


  • Practice bowel movement every day. Especially in the morning after waking up around 5:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. which is the best time of day.
  • Practice straining to defecate properly. By sitting on the toilet bowl and bending forward slightly. In cases where the feet cannot reach the floor or if it is a child, there should be a footrest. To exert force to divide the stool better
  • For people who are difficult to photograph You should use your hand to press on the lower left abdomen while having a bowel movement to help stimulate the intestines to move better.
  • Reduce foods that are high in fat. Increase the intake of foods that are high in fiber, such as vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink enough water
  • Not holding back stool You should have a bowel movement immediately when you feel pain.
  • If you have constipation You should eat more foods that contain probiotics, such as fermented milk and fermented tea.
  • Getting up and moving your body after eating To help the intestines compress and the stomach frequently eats better
  • Exercise regularly